How rich is Robert Wachtel?


Robert Wachtel Net Worth $18 Million

Robert “Waddy” Wachtel nicknamed as Waddy Wachtel is an American musician, composer and recorder producer because of his profession. Robert Wachtel has been mainly famous for his guitar work. His net worth has been said to be around $18 million dollars at present time.

Waddy was produced on May 24, 1945 in NYC, USA. At about age 9-10, Wachtel started to learn how to play the guitar, taking lessons with teacher Gene Dell and also started to compose tunes. He became adept at playing all styles of guitar, including folk music, and discovered he had a unique gift, not merely for reading music, but in addition an ability that enabled him a substantial measure of remember a authentic “ear for music.” Schramm attempted to get Wachtel to take piano lessons, but Wachtel was fixed on playing guitar so Schramm consented to give him guitar lessons three times per week about tempo, melody and harmony. After performing with local groups in the NYC region, Wachtel formed his own group, The Orphans, who played in Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Apart from his music line, Robert Wachtel has been also encouraged to play in a cameo appearance in the movie The Poseidon Adventure. His character in the movie was valued in broad variety.