How rich is Ricardo Gil Lavedra?


Ricardo Gil Lavedra Net Worth – Under Review

Produced on July 24, 1949, Ricardo Gil Lavedra is an Argentine lawyer, magistrate, and politician having an unknown quantity of riches possession. He’s been active in his profession since 1973 but nevertheless his net worth has been kept secret for a few unknown motives.

Ricardo Rodolfo Gil Lavedra was born in Buenos Aires in 1949. He registered in the University of Buenos Aires Law School, and earned a juris doctor in 1972. After he was named Secretary to the Supreme Court of the State of Buenos Aires in 1973, and judge in the provincial Court of First Instance in 1974. He served as Solicitor General for the Argentine Supreme Court between 1976 and 1978, and was hired as Vice President of Legal Issues for the Perez Companc Group in 1979. Gil Lavedra was named to the National Criminal Court of Appeals in 1984, and in this capacity, he served in the panel of judges supervising the historical 1985 Trial of the Juntas, presiding on the trial in its early stage.

Ricardo Gil Lavedra composed numerous articles on constitutional law and legal theory starting in 1977, including A Summary of Constitutional Amendments in Latin America in 2002. He additionally served as legal adviser for the United Nations Development Programme, and is an associate of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights as well as other Argentine jurisprudence organizations. He backed fellow UCR Congressman Ricardo Alfonsn upon the latter’s August 2010 statement of a presidential bid in 2011.