How rich is Pawn Stars?


Pawn Stars Net Worth $8 Million

Pawn Stars internet worth Pawn Stars is an American reality television show that is made by Left-field Pictures and shown on History. The show is filmed in the place of Vegas, Nevada where it reports the day-to-day tasks in the planet popular Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

Pawn Stars became the among the longest running reality shows with almost 300 episodes since 2009. The truth is, Pawn Stars is known as as among the very lucrative show on the History channel. The show brings an estimated sum of $3 million per episode for the network. Either Harrisons or Chumlee is seen narrating the show. The clients are seen haggling on the amount of pawn and discussing its historic background. In addition, it follows the social clashes involving the cast members. The show was even called a variant of Antiques Roadshow named ‘hijacked by American Helicopters’ by one reviewer. It was frequently called the similar variation of ‘One part Antiques Roadshow’ from the TV Guide. Nevertheless, numerous specialists from various disciplines seemed in the show to appraise the things being pawned. In October 2101, Classic restorer/metal artist Rick Dale became star of the show’ first spinoff ‘American Restoration’.

As show is popular, there’s clear purpose of part of the show is going to be popular. Rick Harrison who pushed for the pawnshop to eventually become an amusement conglomerate comes with an estimated net worth of $8 million. Similarly, Richard ‘Old Man’ Harrison brings in $15000 per episode and contains an estimated net worth of equivalent to Rick Harrison of $8 million.