How rich is L Ron Hubbard?


L. Ron Hubbard Net Worth $600 Million

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard better known as L. Ron Hubbard was an American writer and the creator of the Church of Scientology. Though he’s already dead, but still his net worth has been said to be around $600 million dollars. Also, L. Ron Hubbard later developed his thoughts into a wide ranging set of doctrines and rites within a new religious movement which he called Scientology. His writings became the directing texts for the Church of Scientology as well as several allied organizations that address such varied issues as business administration, literacy and drug rehabilitation.

Produced in Tilden, Nebraska, L. Ron Hubbard spent much of his youth in Helena, Montana. He founded Scientology in 1952 and manage the development of the Church of Scientology right into a world-wide organization. Throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, he spent much of his time at sea on his private fleet of boats as “Commodore” of the Sea Organization, an elite internal number of Scientologists. His excursion came to a finish when Britain, Greece, Spain, Portugal, and Venezuela all shut their ports to his fleet. At one point, a court in Australia revoked the church’s standing as a faith. Likewise, a high court in France convicted Hubbard of fraud in absentia. He returned to America in 1975 and went into seclusion in the California desert. In 1983 L. Ron Hubbard was named as an unindicted coconspirator in an international advice infiltration and larceny job called “Operation Snow White”. L. Ron Hubbard spent the remaining years of his life on his ranch near Creston, California, where he expired in 1986.

The Church of Scientology describes Hubbard in hagiographic terms, and he depicted himself as a pioneering explorer, world traveler, and nuclear physicist with expertise in an extensive array of areas, including photography, artwork, poetry, and philosophy.