How rich is Kimsha Artest?


How rich is Kimsha Artest?

Kimsha Artest Net Worth:
$6 Million

Birth date: 1962-04-06
Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Education: University of Wisconsin–Madison
Spouse: Krista Levitan
Children: Diamond Artest, Sadie Artest, Ron Artest III

Kimsha Artest Net Worth:

Kimsha Artest Net Worth $6 Million

Kimsha Artest’s net worth is $6 million dollars. Produced in Queens, NY, Kimsha Artest is the “associate” of Los Angeles Lakers forward, Ron Artest. The two have been together for over fifteen years, and though she’s made peace with living in la, she’s not particularly interested in being part of the “It” bunch, or wearing the “right” dress and jewelry. The two appeared as a recurring cast member of the primary season of “Basketball Wives: LA”, which began airing on VH1 throughout the summer of 2011. She was initially encouraged to be a full cast member, but she professed that did not like the other girls on the show, and wasn’t interested in being part of the play that went on between the members of the group. The show proved to be fairly popular and continues to be renewed for another season. Nevertheless, just one cast member has signed on to return at this point, and there’s some question regarding whether Ms. Artest will continue in her recurring character capacity.

Kimsha Artest is the self described “partner” of Ron Artest, the LA forward. She’s an estimated net worth of $6 million. She was born Kimsha Hatfield in Queens, New York and has origins in Jamaica. She and Ron have been together for 17 years. Kimsha was never a supporter of the la lifestyle; wearing the correct dress and jewelry, and being part of the “It” bunch. Herself was a cast member through the first season of the reality TV show Basketball Wives: LA. The show started airing in the summertime of 2011 on VH1. She was tempted to be part of the fulltime cast of the show but she refused the offer for the main reason that she didn’t like the other girls of the show. Additionally, VH1 was not interested to be a part of the drama that went on between the members of the group. The show was fairly popular and was renewed for the next season. Yet, only one instance member made a return on season two. It wasn’t clear whether she’ll continue to truly have a recurring character on the show.

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