How rich is Jonathan Brandis?


Jonathan Brandis Net Worth $1 Million

Despite of being among the very most successful performers in business, still his net worth hasn’t mentioned in just about any specific website that could be simpler for his readers and followers to learn more about him in detail.

Jonathan Brandis started his career as a child model in the age of 4, and started acting in television advertisements. In the age of six, Brandis won the part of Kevin Buchanan about the soap opera One Life to Live. The exact same year, Brandis played the youthful “Stuttering Bill” Denbrough, the primary protagonist in the 1990 movie Stephen King’s It, alongside Tim Curry, on the basis of the epic horror novel of the exact same name. Brandis’ performance in the movie was lauded by critics and crowds. Brandis subsequently appeared in Sidekicks, costarring Chuck Norris, and in Ladybugs, with actor/comic Rodney Dangerfield. Starting his career as a kid model, Brandis moved on to playing in advertisements and later won television and movie characters. In the age of 17, he got the part of Lucas Wolenczak, a teen prodigy on the NBC series seaQuest DSV. The character was popular among adolescent female audiences, and Brandis often appeared in teen magazines.

Along with playing profession, Brandis had also directed several independent films and authored screenplays. Moreover, he also had produced and directed the short film The Slainville Boys just before his passing. In November 2003, Brandis died of injuries he sustained after hanging himself in the age of 27.