How rich is Joe Pantoliano?


How rich is Joseph Peter Pantoliano?

Joseph Peter Pantoliano Net Worth:
$6 Million

Birth date: September 12, 1951
Birth place: Hoboken, New Jersey, U.S.
Height:5' 9ΒΌ" (1.76 m)
Profession: Actor, Producer, Director
Education: HB Studio
Nationality: American
Spouse: Nancy Sheppard
Children: Michelle Pantoliano, Daniella Pantoliano, Isabella Pantoliano, Marco Pantoliano, Bobby Pantoliano, Melody Pantoliano
Parents: Mary Pantoliano, Dominic Pantoliano
Siblings: Mary Ann Pantoliano
Awards: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Nominations: Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, TCA Award for Individual Achievement in Drama
Movies: The Matrix, Memento, The Goonies, The Fugitive, Risky Business, Bound, Baby's Day Out, Midnight Run, Empire of the Sun, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, U.S. Marshals, Bad Boys II, Daredevil, La Bamba, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Ready to Rumble, Wedding Daze, Deadly Impact, Bad Boys, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, The Identical, The Last of the Finest, The Amateurs, No Kidding, Me Too!, Eddie and the Cruisers, Racing Stripes, The Perfect Match, Zandalee, The Mean Season, Steal Big Steal Little, The Final Terror, The Idolmaker, Loosies, Cats & Dogs, Perfect Opposites, Three of Hearts, Amazon Women on the Moon, The In Crowd, Olive, the Other Reindeer, Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, The Easter Egg Adventure, Falling Up, Running Scared, Me and the Kid, Used People, The Spy Within, The Squeeze, Teresa's Tattoo, Nightbreaker, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, The Life Before This
TV shows: The Sopranos, But Can They Sing?, Dr. Vegas, The Handler, EZ Streets, The Fanelli Boys, Free Country, From Here to Eternity, Waterfront, Sugar Hill

Joseph Peter Pantoliano Net Worth:

Joe Pantoliano Net Worth $6 Million

Joe Pantoliano is an American actor who has a net worth of $6 million. Joe Pantoliano was born September 12, 1951 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Joe is famous for his character parts of Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, Bob Keane in La Bamba, Cypher in The Matrix, Teddy in Memento, Francis Fratelli in The Goonies, Guido “the Killer Pimp” in Risky Business and Jennifer Tilly’s violent mobster boyfriend Caesar in Bound. Joe also played Deputy U.S. Marshal Cosmo Renfro in both The Fugitive and U.S. Marshals. Joe is often referred to as “Joey Pants”, because of the difficulty some people have pronouncing his Italian surname Pantoliano. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Joe was one of Hollywood’s busiest character actors. The son of a hearse driver as well as a bookie, Pantoliano was raised in a public housing project where his family was on welfare.

Due to acute dyslexia, Pantoliano did poorly in school, but when his stepfather saw his performance in his senior play he encouraged the youthful Joe to continue a vocation in theatre. Pantoliano moved to NY after high school where he studied acting under Herbert Bergoff and John Lehne while waiting tables. In 1972, he landed the character of Billy Bibbitt in the traveling stage production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and four years later headed to Hollywood. Pantoliano appeared on several television situation comedies and movies, delivering the unforgettable character of Guido the pimp in the Tom Cruise reach Risky Business in 1983. Throughout the ’80s, Pantoliano became one of Hollywood’s busiest character actors, frequently stealing scenes from his leading counterparts in such hit movies as The Goonies, Empire of the Sun, Midnight Run and The Fugitive. Pantoliano earned the interest of directors Andy and Larry Wachowski and was cast in several of their films, including Bound and The Matrix. In 2001, he joined the cast of the hit dramatic series The Sopranos, that he won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in 2003. In 2002, Pantoliano published Who’s Sorry Now: The True Story of a Stand-Up Guy, a memoir about growing up in the New Jersey jobs.

He’s worked as a voice actor overly sporadically. He was born in New Jersey to Italian-American parents and went to study at the HB Studio. He has won the Emmy Awards for outstanding performance as the supporting performer in Sopranos. In 2003, Joe also acted in the Broadway play “Frankie and Johnny”. When Joe isn’t acting, he writes — he’s the author of two memoirs. Who’s Sorry Now is a true story of a stand-up artist and also a rehabilitation, as well as the second one is named Hollywood Tales from My Great Depression: Brain Dis-Ease, Recovery and Being My Mother’s Son.

Joe lives with his own wife, Nancy Sheppard. He has four children with his wife. His friend Samantha Philips had presented him to his current wife. In 2007 in an individual website, he declared that he could be suffering from clinical depression for the last ten years. Joe said the film “Canvas” had helped him cope with his depression. He was brave and daring as he determined not to sit quiet and conceal his mental illness from others. Joe also started an NGO named No Kidding, Me Too where his primary motive was to bring together members of the film fraternity to prepare people concerning the mental illness.