How rich is Jimmy Barnes?


How rich is Jimmy Barnes?

Jimmy Barnes Net Worth:
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Birth date: April 28, 1956
Birth place: Glasgow, United Kingdom
Profession: Actor
Nationality: Australia
Spouse: Jane Mahoney (m. 1981)
Children: Mahalia Barnes, David Campbell, Jackie Barnes, Elly-May Barnes, EJ Barnes

Jimmy Barnes Net Worth:

Jimmy Barnes Net Worth $10 Million

The net worth of Jimmy Barnes is $10 million dollars. He was born on 28th April 1956. Barnes is a rock vocalist and a songwriter. In fact, Jimmy learned to sing from his elder brother, who also encouraged him extremely. He was a solo performer and a lead vocalist with all the rock band Cold Chisel. This made him the most popular Australian music artists of all time. He has the greatest amount of hit records of any Australian artist. Jimmy Barnes was born in Glasgow, Scotland. The family afterwards transferred to Elizabeth and settled there. His mother married a clerk named Reg Barnes. Her daughter was once teased in school about being adopted, or so the mom made all her kids change their last name to Barnes. Jimmy Barnes grew up as a protestant, and he considers himself as a Buddhist. In September 2009, he said that his ancestors were Jews.

His band Cold Chisel transferred several times. There was some tension within the group. The band signed with WEA in the late 1970s. By 1980s, the group was quite popular. But in 1983, the group had many professional as well as personal fights — they eventually split up. There was a farewell concert tour, which can be still the highest grossing tour in the history of Australia. Jimmy Barnes was very successful in his solo career. Jimmy released 6 records which topped the Australian charts. Jimmy had a low period in the mid 90s. But in the year 2000 himself recovered his top area again.

Jimmy Barnes’ net worth is $10 million dollars. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Jimmy Barnes, also referred to as James Dixon Swan, started to make a name for himself as a musician, performing together with the Australia-based group, Cold Chisel. After the band moved multiple times, and went through some strife within the group, they signed with WEA in the late 70s. By 1980, they were immensely popular, but by 1983 private and professional pressures caused the group to split up. Their farewell concert tour still stands as the highest grossing tour in Australian history. He then started a very successful solo career, with his first six records debuting in the top of the Australian charts. After a low interval in the mid-90s, he recovered his place on the top of the charts in the early 2000s, re-teaming together with the original line up of Cold Chisel, and releasing a greatest hits album and new solo work.