How rich is David Benyamine?


How rich is David Benyamine?

David Benyamine Net Worth:
$5 Million

Birth date: July 5, 1972
Birth place: Paris, France
Profession: Tennis player
Nationality: France
TV shows: High Stakes Poker, National Heads-Up Poker Championship, Doubles Poker Championship, Pro-Am Poker Equalizer, Intercontinental Poker Championship

David Benyamine Net Worth:

David Benyamine Net Worth $5 Million

David Benyamine is a French professional poker player who has a net worth of $5 million. David Benyamine was born July 5, 1972 in Paris, France. David Benyamine is broadly known as one of the best high stakes poker players on the planet. Benyamine can also be a former top ten billiards player in France. He learned poker in the age of 12. Despite his success in tournaments, Benyamine is considerably more successful at playing in cash games. His tournament wins have been remarkable, but nothing compared to what he’s attained playing in cash games. Benyamine is in fact so well-known for these games that the press actually reports on the games and the highlights in many cases are reported on with numerous poker-related websites too.

David Benyamine is considered to have been involved in the highest stake game ever played. Though it would appear that his reputation alone would discourage folks from playing him in high stakes cash games, in reality the reverse has been true. Many players relish the chance to play David Benyamine in a high stakes game. In 2004, his career suffered a setback when he was arrested due to an error caused by the fact which he had a similar name to that of a wanted terrorist and Benyamine spent five days in jail in the USA while the matter was solved. While authorities had the ability to confirm that he was not the terror suspect, they discovered that he was in the U.S. on the wrong type of visa, which resulted in deportation and he was banned from entering the state for a year.

He’s a French professional poker player having a current estimated net worth of $12 Million. Much of his wealth comes from your World Poker Tour title he has held. Interestingly, David started as a professional tennis player, but because of an injury, he needed to cease playing the sport. David was once a fruitful top ten billiards player in France too. When David was 12, he learnt how to play poker, and made a decision to play poker for a living. He plays high stakes cash games regularly. He was however deported from America in 2004 for not having a work permit. But the dilemma was settled, and David now lives in Henderson, Nevada. Benyamine is a Pot-Limit Omaha specialist. In 2010, his total live tournament winnings surpassed $4,500,000. He is mainly a cash game player, but because of opinions from his friends, he began playing tournaments more consistently during the 2008 World Series of Poker. David can also be the winner of the WPT Battle of Champions II, which will be an invitational event. Here David got the better of a final table including Phil Laak, Mel Judah, Hoyt Corkins, and Antonio Esfandiari.