How rich is Bun E. Carlos?


How rich is Bun E. Carlos?

Bun E. Carlos Net Worth:
$15 Million

Birth date: June 12, 1951
Birth place: Rockford, Illinois, United States
Profession: Drummer
Nationality: United States of America
Music groups: Cheap Trick (Since 1974), Tinted Windows (Since 2009)
Movies: Sgt. Pepper Live, Cheap Trick

Bun E. Carlos Net Worth:

Bun E. Carlos Net Worth $15 Million

Bun E. Carlos, born on 12th June 1951, is the popular stage name of the well-known drummer Brad M. Carlson. He is an associate of the rock band “Cheap Trick”. He was born in Rockford, Illinois. Apart from being a musician, Bun is also an archivist and keeps the records of all band shows performed till date. Bun E. Carlos was the one who offered the position of the lead singer to Robin Zanderwhen Zander’s contract expired with the group he was with. Carlos has performed many shows, and even offers a few writing credits to his name the most celebrated being the solo track from “Who D’King'”. His prosperity comes from this source too.

He continues to popularize and promote his brand of coffee today. Carlos can be associated with a number of other bands, the most renowned being, “Tinted Windows” which contained of Adam Schlesinger previously of “Fountains of Wayne”, Taylor Hansonof “Hanson” and additionally James Iha the former guitarist of “Smashing Pumpkins” and performed freely on 20th March 2009 at SXSW in Texas. Later on Carlos suffered from back problems, because of which he needed to pass up on the Cheap Trick tours. Carlos’s favourite musical instruments are those belonging to Ludwig such as drums and drumheads. He additionally uses the touch Wilson luminescence and Pro Mark touch drumsticks. Carlos once again made his debut at SXSW with the help of his new job named “Candy Golde” featuring Rick Rizzo, Nicholas Tremulis and John Stirratt.

Bun E. Carlos Net Worth: Bun E. Carlos was born Brad M. Carlson on June 12, 1950 in Venezuela and grew up in Rockford, Illinois. He is better known by the stage name Bun E. Carlos. He is the group’s chief set lister and archivist, and keeps recordings of all band’s shows, some of that have been released underneath the title Bun E’s Bootlegs. Carlos has two side bands with former Cheap Trick bassist Jon Brant; The Bun E Carlos Encounter and the Monday Night Group. On March 19, 2010, Cheap Trick issued a statement that Carlos really isn’t the current touring drummer for Cheap Trick but that he still remains a band member. Carlos had previously suffered from back problems, the healing and treatment of which had caused him to miss parts of some Cheap Trick tours. Yet, Carlos has repeatedly stated that he’s healthy. He’s also stated that he hasn’t heard from the band “in a couple years” and that “maybe we’ll kiss and make up”.