How rich is AJ Cook?


AJ Cook Net Worth $4 Million

AJ Cook has two brothers along with a sister and was considered legally blind until she’d corrective eye surgery as an adult. Before the operation, Cook had a serious astigmatism that necessitated that she wear contacts or glasses to view in any way. Her other movies contained Out Cold, Ripper, and Final Destination 2. In 2001, Cook wed Nathan Anderson. The two met while in movie class together at Utah Valley University. They’ve a son, Mekhai, who reveals some signs of following in his mom’s footsteps, having guest starred with her in several episodes of Criminal Minds.

Cook’s contract for the show wasn’t revived as a series regular in 2010, but she was brought back for many episodes in order to complete the character’s storyline as well as for specific occasions. In 2011, she was brought back as a series regular for 2 additional seasons and in 2013 she became the star spokeswoman for Proactiv.

Just how much is $4 million? In early 2014, Cook was one of several stars supporting the Art of Elysium’s 7th annual charity art auction. With $4 million, she ought to have the ability to get a lot of artwork to decorate her house.