How rich is ZaSu Pitts?


ZaSu Pitts Net Worth – Unknown

ZaSu Pitts, who dwelt from January 3, 1894 to June 7, 1963, was an merican performer who starred in many silent plays and comedies, transitioning to humor sound films. Turning to her profession, Pitts made her stage debut in 191415 doing school and local community theatre in Santa Cruz. Eventually she was found for substantial parts in movies by screenwriter Frances Marion. Marion cast Pitts as an orphaned slavey (kid of work) in the silent film, The Little Princess (1917), starring Pickford. Years after, she was the leading lady in Erich von Stroheim’s Greed (1924).

The next year ZaSu Pitts married her first husband, Tom Gallery, with whom she was matched in a number of movies, including Bright Eyes (1921), Heart of Twenty (1920), Patsy (1921) as well as A Daughter of Luxury (1922). In 1924, the performer, now a reputable humor farceuse, was given the finest tragic part of her profession in Erich von Stroheim’s 9 12-hour epic Greed (1924).

ZaSu Pitts starred in several Hal Roach short films and features, and costarred in a show of feature-length comedies with Slim Summerville. Changing between comedy short films and features, by the arrival of sound, she was relegated to comedy characters. A bitter disappointment was when she was replaced in the timeless war play All Quiet on the Western Front (1930) by Beryl Mercer after her initial appearance in previews brought unintentional laughs, despite her extreme performance. In 1936 and 1937 she impersonated Hildegarde Withers in two films, succeeding Edna May Oliver as the spinster sleuth, however they are not well-received.