How rich is Warren G. Harding?


Warren G. Harding Net Worth – Under Review

Warren G. Harding was selected as an inoffensive compromise nominee in the 1920 election combined with the Republican Party convention near deadlock. Since he was elected, he got top advertising specialists on board, notably Albert Lasker, to publicize his presidential appearance and old-fashioned guarantees. So long as he was on order, he’d been the most promising leader.

On the treaty, Harding’s cabinet comprised Andrew Mellon in the Treasury, Herbert Hoover at Trade, and Charles Evans Hughes at the State Department. He’d additionally rewarded friends and subscribers, called the “Ohio Gang”, with strong government places. Multiple instances of corruption were exposed during his presidency and after his departure, for instance, ill-famed Teapot Dome scandal, seen in pre-Watergate times as the “best and most amazing scandal in the annals of American politics”.

Harding had signed the primary national child welfare plan, and coped with striking mining and railway workers in part by supporting an 8-hour work day. Harding recommended an anti-lynching bill to control violence against African Americans, but it failed to pass Congress. Till the date, his greatest foreign policy accomplishment came in the Washington Naval Conference of 1921-22, when the world’s leading naval powers agreed on a naval restrictions plan that held sway to get a decade.

In August 1923, Warren G. Harding unexpectedly fell and died in California. His government’s many scandals have earned Harding a bottom-grade position from historians, but in recent years there’s been some acknowledgement of his financial responsibility and sanction of African American civil rights. Harding continues to be viewed as a more modern politician who adopted technology and was sensitive to the circumstances of minorities, women, and labour.