How rich is Thalia?


Thalia Net Worth $50 Million

Lately her net worth has been said to be around $50 million dollars. She’s recognized as the most successful female solo Mexican vocalist by Latin media conglomerates like Univision, Televisa, and Azteca, while she’s frequently called the “Queen of Latin Pop” from the media worldwide, primarily due to her heritage inside the Latin pop music landscape of the last 25 years. As a solo artist, Thalia has sold over 40 million records world-wide, being considered among the best selling Latin musicians ever.

Thalia’s records have reached Gold or Platinum status in 22 states, and to date, she’s sold forty million records globally. Along with her very successful music career, she’s also starred in multiple telenovelas. It’s projected that over 2 billion people, in 180 nations, have viewed her television work. She’s additionally a published writer, model, fashion designer, music producer, and mother-of two. She’s fully bilingual in French and Spanish, and started her music career performing with all the children’s group, Din Din. Thalia performed together with the group, Timbiriche, throughout the late 80s, before embarking on what’s turned into an extremely successful solo career in 1989. She wed music mogul Tommy Mottola in 2000.