How rich is Tareq Salahi?


How rich is Tareq Salahi?

Tareq Salahi Net Worth:
$2 Million

Birth date: May 26, 1969
Birth place: Washington, D.C., United States
Profession: Winemaker
Education: University of California, Davis
Spouse: Michaele Salahi (m. 2003–2012)

Tareq Salahi Net Worth:

Tareq Salahi Net Worth $2 Million

Tareq Salahi’s Net Worth is $2 million. He’s a wine maker and also a television personality. Tareq Salahi has mainly amassed his wealth through Oasis Winery which is a winery that was created by the Salahi family in Virginia back in the year 1977. His father, Dirgham Salahi, was an immigrant to the United States from Jerusalem in the 1940s and purchased among the estate firms that he’d been used as a manager. This estate company later became a vine estate farm after setting up the Salami Family’s Oasis Winery. Tareq Dirgham Salahi studied within the United States and graduated from University of California with a degree in oenology (wine making and processing) back in 1994. He later became a Vintner at Oasis Winery. Currently he’s divorced after they parted ways with his wife, Michaele Salahi.

Tareq Salahi is an American former winemaker, public official, and television personality who has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Tareq Dirgham Salahi was born in Washington, D.C. in May 1969. He graduated with a degree in oenology and business management in the University of California, Davis in 1994. The Salahi family began the Oasis Winery in Hume, Virginia in 1977. Tareq became managing director of Oasis Vineyard Inc. in 1994. In 2008 the vineyard filed for bankruptcy. In 2012 Tareq was sued by Attorney General of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli II for his company practices. Salahi afterward announced he would run against Cuccinelli to become the Governor of Virginia. He wed Michaele Holt in 2003 and the wedding guests included Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy and former U.S. Ambassador to Ireland Margaret Hecklery. The couple were later featured in the 2010 season of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of D.C. In 2011 Michaele ran off with the guitarist for the rock band Journey. The two divorced following a serious of law suits back and forth. Tareq is a nominee for the Impartial Green party for Virginia’s 7th congressional district in the 2014 elections.