How rich is Susan Li?


Susan Li Net Worth $3 Million

A stunning and well-known Canadian journalist, Susan Li is most known as a co host of the CNBC’s morning news program ‘Squawk Box’. She was born in China and spent her youth in Toronto, Canada. Li held her graduation degree in the ‘University of Toronto’ majoring in economics. Susan began her career working at the ‘Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’. In 2003, she became connected with China Central Television’s network ‘CCTV International’. She also hosted the show called ‘Biz China’. Susan was also a news editor of the show. She interviewed with a few well-known personalities like Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez and professional basketball player, Yao Ming while hosting the show. Along with this, she also covered the news like ‘the Shanghai World Expo’, ‘the International Financial Catastrophe’ and ‘the Chinese Stock market bubble’.

Susan has reached tremendous acknowledgement and success from her media career. She was tremendously valued for her work as News program. She’s been employed as a co host of the show called ‘Asia Border’ where she covered the wide-ranging interviews. She earned a nomination as ‘Finest News Anchor’ at Asian Television Awards in 2008. As of 2014, she’s bringing in an estimated wages sum of $200000 and her entire net worth sum is estimated to be $3 million dollars.