How rich is Scott Mcgillivray?


Scott Mcgillivray Net Worth $4 Million

Scott McGillivray is a Canadian property investor, television host, financial expert, contractor, writer, public speaker and teacher. His net worth has been collected to be around $4 million dollars which makes him one of the wealthiest stars of present time.

Produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Scott McGillivray, graduated in the University of Guelph using a diploma in Marketing Management. He started studying carpentry shortly after graduation and was featured within the show “From the Ground Up with Debbie Travis”. What started as a school project about income properties developed right into a unique and tactical business model that Scott would later execute himself. At 21, Scott bought and renovated his first rental property and possessed 5 rental properties by the time he was 23. He became a licensed contractor in 2004 to handle his own teams and address the challenge of locating responsible commerces to renovate his investments. He’s now constructed a property empire with properties across Canada as well as the USA home numerous renters. He’s now the host of the most popular Home and Garden Television show, “Income Property”. The program, which can be now in its fourth season, helps one family each episode, by designing and creating a rental component onto their house, to ensure they can better handle their mortgage payments. Scott Mcgillivray now lives in Brampton, Ontario, and he and his wife only welcomed their very first child to the entire world in January 2012.