How rich is Sasha Gray?


Sasha Gray Net Worth $3 Million

Marina Ann Hantzis better known as “Sasha Grey” is an attractive celebrity, model, musician and writer. The stunning actress was created on March 14, 1988 in North Highlands, California, U.S. She began her career as an pornographic movie celebrity. Her name ‘Sasha’ was chosen from ‘Sascha Konietzko’ of the favorite group ‘KMFDM’. She made her last appearance in the pornographic movie in the age of 21. Nevertheless, she did not declare her retirement. She also appeared as part of ‘Vice’ magazines anti trend layout. Grey even appeared naked for an ad campaign of ‘PETA’ urging ‘creature birth control’. Considering her daring body and enchanting face, she began to get offer to appear in the several television series. Grey also played a cameo role in a independent film titled ‘Quit’.

In the year 2009, she appeared in low budget comedy film ‘Smash Cut’. Sasha Gray impersonated a lead character in the film ‘The Girlfriend Experience’. Her performance in the film was valued and commended by most of the crowds. She also became part of thriller film ‘I Melt With You’. Besides her appearance in the television series and films, she also appeared in the music video for the tune called Space Bound. Grey is additionally famous for her singing ability. She’d sung a tune in Current 93 album ‘Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain’. Sasha Gray released her second novel ‘The Juliette Society’ on May 9, 2013. Grey gained both recognition and benefits from her acting and music career. As of 2014, she’s brought in an estimated net worth sum of $3 million.