How rich is Robin Zander?


How rich is Robin Zander?

Robin Zander Net Worth:
$25 Million

Birth date: January 23, 1953
Birth place: Beloit, Wisconsin, United States
Height:1.73 m
Profession: Singer, Guitarist
Nationality: American
Spouse: Pamela Stein
Children: Robin-Sailor Zander, Ian Zander, Robin Zander Jr., Holland Zander
Music groups: Cheap Trick (Since 1974)
Movies: Sgt. Pepper Live, Cheap Trick: Live in Australia

Robin Zander Net Worth:

Robin Zander Net Worth $25 Million

Zander, the fourth of the five children was born in Beloit, Wisconsin. He’s two older brothers plus one elder and younger sister. Zander was into music from an early age. In age 12, he learned to play his first guitar. By the seventh grade, Zander was already playing with his first group “The Destinations”. Zander was also actively involved in basketball and football in his high school as well.

Zander has never looked back after performing with his first group. Zander performed with many groups like the “Robin as well as the Hoods” and also the “Butterscotch Sundays”. Robin got the initial break in 1972 when he was offered the position of the lead singer for the famed band “Cheap Trick” by Bun E Carlosthe band’s drummer. He took the offer. Around the exact same time, his contract with “Wisconsin Dells” expired. The lead still perform around the globe and in 2008 they observed the 30th anniversary of the launch of their “Budokan” record in Japan.

Robin Zander is an American musician who’s the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Cheap Trick who has a net worth of $25 million dollars. Robin Zander was born on January 23, 1953 in Beloit, Wisconsin where he was reading publications by age three and learned to play the guitar by age 12. Robin played with his first group, The Destinations, while in seventh grade. In 1972, Zander was offered the lead singer part in a new band called Cheap Trick by the group’s drummer, Bun E. Carlos. At the time, Zander was under contract using a resort in Wisconsin Dells, where he sang and played cover songs. Zander’s resort contract expired, and he joined Cheap Trick as lead singer. Zander continues to perform with Cheap Trick all over the world. In 2008, the group played in Japan for the 30th anniversary of the original Budokan album release. Zander currently resides in Safety Harbor, Florida along with his wife, former Playboy Playmate Pamela Stein and two kids: a son, Robin Zander Jr., and a daughter, Robin-Sailor Zander.

Zander married former Playboy Playmate Pamela Stein and has two children, a son named Robin Zander Jr. and a girl named Robin Sailor Zander. He also has two children Ian and Holland from a previous marriage. He’s now living on Davis Island in Florida.