How rich is Richard Benjamin?


Richard Benjamin Net Worth $5 Million

Richard Benjamin is also starred in the films on the basis of the novella, Catch22, known to the world as Joseph Heller’s bestseller till now and even blessed to star in the West world based production that has been a science fiction of the thriller genre by Michael Crichton. Born on the 22nd of May, 1938, Richard Benjamin continues to be understood to direct some inspiring films such as the 1982 hit comedy, My Favorite Year. Richard was born into a garment maker who worked to get a garment industry in town of NY. But his well-known full of laughter characters in the comedy show were the lover favorites and got him a good place in the film industry.

Richard Benjamin continues to be proven to mass rather a substantial net worth compared to most regular folks. While the expression goes: cash isn’t everything and cannot and is not going to buy you any wellbeing, also it still isn’t a crime to get lots of it similar to that of Richard Benjamin.

Private Info: Richard Benjamin

Produced/Birthplace: 22 May 1938/ New York City

Sex: Male

Profession: Actor, Film Director

Nationality: United States

Present Age: 76
Partner: Paula Prentiss (Benjamin)