How rich is Paul Brown?


Paul Brown Net Worth $600,000

Paul Brown worked for a brief while in a car wash, but then chose to attempt what had worked for his parents. In 2005 he chose to set out on his own and bought Gallery 63, which can be just outside of Atlanta. Gallery 63 is the place of the reality television show Auction Kings. The show follows the business transactions of the gallery with various insane and unusual things you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The auction house has specialists come in and do assessments on things coming to the store. The appeal of the show has drastically increased traffic in the store, and Paul has gone from four workers to 10 in the past several years. The show is now beginning it is fourth season. From his years available and his reality television wages, we estimate Paul Brown to be worth 600,000.

Just how much is $600.000 dollars actually? Well, since Paul is into music and wished he could have already been a well-known musician, we believe he might have the ability to get some consolation in a fantastic classic guitar. Paul could obtain a classic Gibson Custom Shop 1959 ES-175 VOS Electric Guitar for just $5,199. For the price he could actually afford to purchase 192 of them. But in case you are wanting you made as much as Paul does, simply place it into view. Even he could just manage two of the 193639 Martin D-45 for about $350,000.