How rich is Lil Chuckee?


Lil Chuckee Net Worth $2.5 Million

Lil Chuckee is a rapper who’s from the New Orleans as well as the state of Louisiana of the United States of America. He has the birth name of Rashard Chuckee Ballard and during his breeding he grew right up in the housing development that was called Third Ward Calliope Projects. The area of the town proved to be a rough component and was difficult to live in. From his before time days he wished to follow his vocation in rapping as he’d the contribution of the eminence as well as in dancing. In his learning years he was among the enormous pupils in his school and he had the dream to be a rapper.

Lil Wayne saw Lil Chuckee performing a rap in a video online and sought to sign him right away. Lil Wayne is the manager as well as the originator of the music group Young Money. On the whole residents were insolvent and all the citizens in the New Orleans needed to reallocate. Chuckee and his family just excited to town of Atlanta which is in Georgia. He’d been uncooperative for the expect of the New Orleans as he was likewise concerned with the culture of Louisiana. Chuckee had finished more generous work for the sufferers of the Hurricane Katrina than any man from his time.

Lil Chuckee whose birth name is Rashard Ballad has the entire net worth of $2.5 million which is according to the latest report. His wages hasn’t been clearly mentioned. Additionally it is reported that he’s begun to make his music alone leaving the group YMCMB.