How rich is Jean Claude Van Damme?


Jean Claude Van Damme Net Worth $30 Million

Jean-Claude Camille Franois Van Varenberg professionally known as Jean-Claude Van Damme is a Belgian martial artist, performer, and director famous for his martial arts action films. Based on recent study made upon his net wealth property up to now, his net worth has been said to be around $30 million dollars.

Jean Claude Van Damme started martial arts in age ten, registered by his dad in a Shotokan karate school. In the age of 15, Van Damme began his competitive karate profession in Belgium. From 1976-1980, Van Damme compiled a record of 44 successes and 4 defeats in tournament and non-tournament semi-contact matches. As a teen, Van Damme trained in a number of sports including karate, kickboxing, body building as well as ballet. In 1982, in the age of 22, Jeanclaude moved to America having a pal from your home to continue a lifetime career in Hollywood. He was soon cast as an extra in the film “Breakin”, but the film that established him into the stratosphere as an action star was 1988’s “Bloodsport”. During his 30 year movie career, Jean-Claude Van Damme has appeared in over 50 movies including recent box office hit “The Expendables” show. In the mid 90s, Van Damme had a very costly cocaine habit and had to whole a drug rehab program. In the time he was spending $10,000 per week on cocaine. Jean Claude has been married four times and has three kids.