How rich is Carla Facciolo?


Carla Facciolo Net Worth $1.5 Million

Carla Facciolo became famous after joining the very first season of the VH1 reality series, “Mob Wives”. When Carla joined the show, her husband, Joseph Ferragomo was serving an 88-month jail term for stock fraud. She is accustomed to the affluent lifestyle they directed before he went to jail, and the show chronicled her continued attempt to maintain that standard. She’s the mother of twins (a boy and a girl), and was intending to divorce her husband after he was released from prison. Her husband was released during Season 2, and they appeared to be trying to rekindle their relationship. Carla is well known for not getting along with fellow cast member Renee Graziano, as well as for her propensity to party. “Mob Wives” has got a broad range of reviews from various critics, but continues to prove popular with audiences, and is now in its second season.

She’s an American reality star gang wife. She grew up in Bergen Beach, Brooklyn. She is married to Joseph Ferragamo, who is a stock broker. When she was a young child, her father was sent to jail. It can certainly be stated that Facciolo had a disturbed childhood. Carla began dating street men when she was only 17 years old. Interestingly, Carla has described stocks fraud as “not a negative crime”. The child joined the show, as she did not wish to give up her affluent lifestyle after her husband went to prison. According to reports, Carla Facciolo was planning to divorce her husband after he was back from prison. The child’s husband was released, when she was doing Season 2 of the show. Later they did divorce, but it’s been reported that now they are trying to settle things between them and are trying to start their amorous relationship again.

The show “Mob Wives” has got distinct reviews from different critics. However, the crowd loves the show, and currently the second season is on. The show plays on VH1. Carla and Joseph have twins whom they’ve named Joe and Carmen. She is a housewife in addition to a sales representative to get a juice business. They call the child’s “sex kitten” of the group.